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Repetito Pro

Multichannel Outputs
Internal Mix

Repetito Pro is the full version Repetito.

The license for Repetito Pro costs 199 euros. More info on the buy now page.

Repetito Pro enables two different configurations: Multichannnel Outputs and Internal Mix.

Multichannel Outputs>> back

The Multichannel Outputs configuration routes the loop channels directly to the outputs of your sound card. This configuration requires sound cards with at least 8 outputs. It enables the mixing of the loop channels with an external mixer. On stage, this configuration requires a sound engineer to mix the loop channels.

Each loop channel can contain many loops (overdubbing); each loop channel has a Mute button and a Solo button.

Internal plugins cannot be used with this configuration.

Multichannel Outputs User Interface (loop channels routed to sound card outputs):

Internal Mix Configuration>> back

When in Internal Mix configuration, Repetito mixes internally the loop channels to stereo buses - which are then routed to the sound card.

This configuration is best when Repetito is used in a studio, but it can also be used on stage.

The Repetito user interface is similar to that of a mixer: each loop channel has a Mute button, a Solo button, a Volume slider and a Pan pot. Each loop channel can also have a Bus selector to specify to which bus the loop channel is routed.

The buses are either routed to the main bus (L-R) or routed separately to separate outputs of the sound card.

Plugin effects (AU/VST) can be instantiated of each bus and on the mains (L-R). Each bus can have one or sevaral plugins in a chain.

Internal Mix User Interface (loop channels mixed internally):

Repetito: the multichannel looper software for live performance