Installing Repetito 3 on MacOS 12 (Monterey)

In order to install Repetito 3 (demo or full app), you must have received a link to a zip file.

1) Download the zip to your desktop, and unzip it there.

2) Double click on the executable to open it.

Since Repetito is not code-signed, the system will not recognize it as a safe software. You’ll need to bypass that.

You’ll first get a message like:



At this point, you’ll need to open the Security panel, which will show something like this:



The system will indicate it has blocked the executable, but will show a button at the bottom right for you to bypass that.

Click that button to confirm a first time you want to launch Repetito.

You’ll get to the following window, on which you’ll be able to click on Open to confirm a second time.

This procedure will only be necessary the first time you launch an executable version.






You should now be ready setup Repetito 3 and to record your first loops!