Performance Rec

Performance Rec is a very powerful feature to save to separate files all the audio Repetito is processing.

All the audio means all the audio going in input channels, loop channels, and mix bus channels if you are using any.

This is like having a multi-channel recorder recording everything that’s going in and out of Repetito.

Performance Rec requires a lot of hard drive space.

At the right hand side of the Performance Rec button is shown the mem size available on the hard drive (275 GB in the above image). When you use this feature, keep an eye on how much mem size is left on your disk.

If necessary, you can use an external hard drive.

The audio is saved in separate files, one per channel, in a standard pro 24-bit wave file format.

You can then import those wave files in your DAW for mixing and post-production.

Starting and stopping Performance Rec is as easy as starting to rec a loop: there is a button which you can control through MIDI.

When starting to Performance Rec, a new directory is automatically created with the current date and time. This directory will contain all the channel wave files for this rec.

The Performance Rec button is not visible by default. To show it, open the Options/Options menu and select “Show Performance Rec Button“.