Repetito 3: the multichannel looper software for live performance.

Numerous features and many configurations suit very different setups.

Repetito‘s interface is quite simple and user friendly. The main usage is with a laptop, using MIDI controllers to send commands to the computer.


Using a pro audio interface, you record and play back loops with the same sound quality as in a studio.

Previous versions of Repetito have been used for years by live musicians.

Repetito 3 now adds many new features:


You’ll need:

  • a laptop, preferably a Mac for better audio in-out latency performance;
  • an audio interface, with as many inputs and outputs you need for your configuration (mics/instruments/mixing);
  • one or more MIDI controllers;


Internal Mix configuration route the Loop Channels to stereo buses. In this configuration you mix the loops inside Repetito.

Multichannel-Output configuration enables you to route the Loop Channels separately to an external mixer. This configuration is best when you play live with a sound engineer.