Session Varispeed


The first varispeed functionality which was developed is the Session Varispeed: this varispeed enables the control of the playback speed of all the recorded loops at the same time. It affects both pitch and duration . All loops can also be played backwards.

The Session Varispeed can be thought of as changing the playback speed on a multichannel tape recorder.

If a loop is recorded while the Session Varispeed is active, resetting the playback speed will affect the playback speed of the the recorded loop.

Since this varispeed changes the playback speed of the loops, it cannot be used with the Metronome.

The Session Varispeed is only available in the Free Loops + Varispeed Rhythm Mode.


Loop Channel Varispeed


The second varispeed functionality is the Loop Channel Varispeed, which is a varispeed which only affects the loops which have been recorded on one Loop Channel.

This varispeed keeps the loops in sync with the other loops in the session. In order to do that, only specific varispeed values are possible:

  • x 2 (which corresponds to plus one octava);
  • x 3 (which corresponds to plus one octava plus a fifth);
  • x 4 (which corresponds to plus two octavas);
  • / 2 (which corresponds to minus one octava);
  • / 3 (which corresponds to minus one octava minus a fifth);
  • / 4 (which corresponds to minus two octavas);

The varispeed can also play back the loops forwards or backwards.

By default, the Loop Channel Varispeed is not activated. To activate it, open the Options/Options menu and select Show the Loop Channel Varispeed on each Loop Channel.