Repetito before Repetito 3

Repetito 3 was released on 1 April 2022. Here’s more info on what Repetito versions existed before that.

The first Repetito versions featured a multichannel looper software. This enabled loops to be mixed live as if they were different instruments.

Repetito 2, which was released in 2011, featured Session Saving and Loading, and insert plugins on mix buses.


The first musician to play live on stage with Repetito was Nosfell. Repetito was in fact originally designed for Nosfell’s needs, with feedback from sound engineer Edouard Bonan (Ed Room Studio) and bass/cello player Pierre Le Bourgeois.

The following video (in French) recalls this collaboration.

Nosfell et Edouard Bonan présentent Repetito – by Rod Maurice – Paris 2011 – 25:00 minutes (the video is in French)

The following concert, which was originally released as a DVD, nicely shows what Nosfell and Pierre Le Bourgeois were playing at the time.

Nosfell and Pierre Le Bourgeois – with Edouard Bonan as Live Sound Engineer – Le Botanique, Brussels – January 2005 – 93:48 minutes

Les Ogres de Barback

The second band to use Repetito live was Les Ogres de Barback.

Les Ogres were interested in using Repetito for some of their songs, and Live Sound Engineer Bitchum took part in the talks at the time.

The following video shows how Repetito was used by Les Ogres.

Les Ogres de Barback – with Bitchum as Live Sound Engineer – Olympia – Paris 2008 – 30:15 minutes

Kévin Malfait + Clément Bernardeau

Kévin Malfait and Clément Bernardeau used Repetito to play live and accompany Murnau’s movie “The Last Laugh”.

Instead of using MIDI Controllers to start and stop loops, they used a Pro Tools session which was also playing the video to send the MIDI commands.

They recorded the following video to explain how they did that.

Kévin Malfait and Clément Bernardeau – Repetito + Pro Tools – December 2015 – 13:12 minutes