What’s in the Demo?

Repetito 3 Demo is a limited version of Repetito 3.

With it, you can test most of the features of Repetito and decide if you are interested in buying Repetito 3.

Notably, since Repetito 3 Demo uses the same loop engine as Repetito 3, you can test how Repetito works with your hardware setup, your plugins and your MIDI controllers.

Repetito 3 Demo Features

The following features are available in Repetito 3 Demo:

Repetito 3 Demo Limitations

The following features are not available in Repetito 3 Demo:

Downloading Repetito 3 Demo

Before downloading Repetito 3 Demo, you must read and accept the End User License Agreement (in French).

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Repetito 3 Demo for MacOS




Repetito 3 Demo for Windows